Welcome to Najlis Photography. Led by owner and photographer Paul Najlis, Najlis Photography is a commercial photo studio located the Casket Arts building in vibrant Northeast Minneapolis.


To say Paul is passionate about photography is an understatement. From the moment he accidently walked into his father’s darkroom at the age of ten, ruining his father’s work in the process, Paul was hooked. In high school, he got his first Nikon, then a Hasselblad and never looked back. After earning a BFA in photography at RIT, Paul hit the streets of Manhattan, photo assisting and shooting with some of the best in the business.


Soon after moving to Minneapolis, Paul opened Najlis Photography. In this natural-light filled, full service studio, Paul embraces every nuance of the art, the craft and the technology of photography. Whether it’s food or tabletop or portraits, commercial or editorial, in studio or on location, Paul is focused on capturing authentic images that inspire.


Perhaps that’s why the client list continues to grow: Target, Nestle Purina, M&M Mars, Gerber Baby Food, U.S. Bank, Rubbermaid, Thrivent, The Ronald McDonald House, Boy Scouts of America, 3M, Mpls/St. Paul Magazine, Star Tribune, Post Brands, Minnesota Twins, Famous Dave’s, Wells Fargo and on and on.


Wonder what does Paul do for fun? In a word, photography. Wherever there’s adventure, nature and wildlife, so goes Paul. Glaciers in Banff. Mountaintops in Colorado. Waterfalls in Yosemite. Fishing villages in Nova Scotia. Grizzlies in Yellowstone. Puffins in Bar Harbor. Tango in Buenos Aires. Moose in the Grand Tetons. Rose-colored spoonbills in Sanibel. Big-horned sheep in Custer. The Appalachian Trail in Vermont. Gritty streets in Managua. Even cowboys in Minnesota. Paul is always on the hunt for the next photographic adventure. That’s why every year, he piles his family of five into a camper and drives thousands of miles to photograph the wonders of nature. To Paul, every vacation is a photo shoot. Inevitably, he poses the same question to his family – “Who wants to get up for sunrise with me?” – to which the answer is often no one. But off he goes, returning with exquisite imagery of dew-dropped fields, wildlife feedings, and mist-filled coastlines.


We invite you to click through all the portfolios and hope you enjoy viewing the images as much as Paul enjoys taking them.